TalEx India: Leveraging Talents Empowering Youth

TalEx India: Leveraging Talents Empowering Youth

TalEx India provides the platform for the college students and youth of the country where they can showcase their creative skills and get rewarded by offering their services through it. The initiative has already made its mark by organizing events online as well as in the college festivals which have successfully attracted the youth.

Background and Inspiration

Arnav Mohan, Kunal Aggarwal, and Ankit Mishra were engaged in organizing events in college festivals of IIT Hyderabad since 2010. During the events, they got the opportunity to interact with a wide range of students with different interests, some having exceptional skills. However they were all faced with the common problem of getting their work recognized or rewarded.

Soon they realized that the potential of millions of such college students remains untapped, either because of the lack of opportunities or due to the unwillingness to go through the tiresome process of finding work of their interest. This leads to many artists, musicians, designers, writers etc to give up their passion while still in college.

As a result TalEx India was founded in 2011 which is dedicated to fixing blaring loopholes in the Indian education system by exploring and developing a market for struggling college students with amateur talents.The ­­start-up is active since July 2011 and has been joined by other members Pushkar Jajoria, Akshay Pamnani, Shivam, Anjishnu and Sunny.

Business Model:

TalEx provides freelancing opportunities to college students and then markets the resources acquired:

  • Digital Art is marketed to the Apparel retail industry (also to corporate and college festivals).
  • Write-ups and Photographs are marketed to media industry (magazines).
  • Performing Arts to events.

The key idea is to provide clients with services and creative products by harnessing the talent of the students. The involvement of students allows TalEx to offer their servicesto the clients at a cheaper price when compared with other alternatives.

It also provides students with the opportunity to showcase their skills and get returns for their work. There is chance that they may pursue their career in their field of interest.

TalEx’s resource providers (Youth of India) are also the customers of their products therefore the products will create brand re-impact and micro level democracy  (for the youth, by the youth and of the youth), and they will be getting it at relatively lower price.

Current Status

TalEx conducts Youth Empowerment Program under which they organize college events, competitions and also provide online platform to host events such as designing, movie making and photography. The competitions include T-Shirt designing, apparel designing, painting, short movies, music events to name a few. It also runs a Campus Ambassador Program through which students from various colleges in the country may collaborate and work together in their projects.

Apart from these events, the team of TalEx also provides consultancy services to the organizers of the college festivals across the country at a nominal price.


Lack of business experience, findingthe right people for the team, and procuring the quality resources for clients are some of the key challenges TalEx team is facing. However, the team believes that with more students in their network, work will get a bit easier.

“People already like our idea.In just few months we have grown to more than 100 photographers, designers, writers in our network, so now the work is going much more smoothly. We hope to see more youth participation in the coming days.” says Ankit.

Future Plans and Goals

  • Starting a Social Networking Platform which could be used in constructive activities, where the talent of the students will be analysed and mentored by professionals and peers. And then marketed to the clients.
  • To be a Market Leader in Apparel Industry, Media and Events considering the youth segment
  • Becoming the largest crowd outsourcing network.
  • Building the right Brand Image of “Youth Empowerment” among the college students.

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