Padmasree Warrior

Padmasree Warrior

She has been ranked as the 11th Most Influential Global Indian, recognized internationally as the thought leader who shaped the industry vision of “seamless mobility” for next generation communications.

She is deemed “Sharp as a RAZR” by the Chicago Sun Times, a “Rising Star” by Fortune Magazine, “100 Most Creative People in Business” by Fast Company Magazine, and she was one of six women nationwide selected in US to receive the “Women Elevating Science and Technology” award from Working Woman magazine.

In March 2003, she received an “immigrant Achievement Award” from the American Immigration Law Foundation for her outstanding contributions. In 2007, she was inducted into the Women in Information Technology International Hall of Fame.

Yet an engineer at heart, she is a humble leader who likes to play practical jokes on her staff! She is the Chief Technology Officer at Cisco Systems. Prior to that, she was the Chief Technology Officer at Motorola.

“At Cisco Padmasree Warrior helps define technological strategy and drives innovation across the company.  She pushes Cisco to stretch beyond its current capabilities, not just in technology, but also in its strategic partnerships and new business models.

As Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Enterprise, Commercial and Small Business group, Warrior sets the vision and strategy for her organization’s strategic priorities. She particularly focuses on company efforts in architectures: borderless networks, data center/virtualization, collaboration, as well as key initiatives such as security, and mobility. She leads a team of 10,000 engineers.”

“At Motorola she was response for leading a global team of 4,600 technologists, prioritizing technology programs, creating value from intellectual property, guiding creative research from innovation through early-stage commercialization, and influencing standards and roadmaps. She also served as a technology advisor to the office of the chairman and to the board’s technology and design steering committee.”

“Warrior’s energetic, approachable and pragmatic leadership style integrates ideas from diverse sources, which include engineers, sociologists, technologists, marketers, policy experts, and others. Throughout her career, she has earned a reputation for establishing processes that tap a rich diversity of technical, business, and entrepreneurial IQ knowledge to nurture disruptive and breakthrough innovations, speed development time to market, and improve the way people work, live, play and learn.”

She met her husband Mohan Warrior at IIT-Delhi where they were classmates during BS in chemical engineering. They had joined Motorola together on the same day. Mohan Warrior is President & CEO at Alfalight, his third startup.

Among other prominent IITans, Padmasree keeps in touch with McKinsey’s Rajat Gupta and venture capitalist Vinod Khosla.

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