Painful Interview Questions Asked in Placements

List of painful interview questions asked by employers to students in the campus placement and internship interviews.

1. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now?

(In your mind: Fishing chicks on the beaches of California)
I see myself as a successful professional in the corporate world. Probably having millions of dollars of investments here and there… And of course a few start-ups under my arm-pits. (Damn how did I forget the last part?)

2. Why us? Why you?

(Oh give me the job and let’s get this done with, could you?)

Oh you are great with giving opportunities and responsibilities and I think I will fit in well because the projects I have undertaken and the activities I’ve participated in have given me the exposure to the kind of responsibilities I might be getting in your company.

3. What is your CGPA? Why so low?

No answer for a few moments then random blabbering.

(In your mind **** you!)

4. You are from some-arbit-department but the work we do involves programming. Convince me you can do it.
Pin drop silence inside the mind and mouth uttering non-sense.
(What? Are you serious? Convince you?)

5. If I put a chapatti on the floor of this classroom, guesstimate the number of flies that will sit on it.

(Yup I was expecting this! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ )
Considering the weather and the dirt students bring in this room, the density of flies I assume is 3 times the normal and so 3 per meter cube. The area of this room is around 90 meter cube so that comes out to be 30 flies in this room.

(Damn that is way too many! Oh my god I did it wrong!)

6. Walk me through your approach and how you came up with the solution?

7. Give me an example when you worked under extremely stressful situation but still dealt with it successfully.

Once I was held responsible for the Hospitality work in the college festival. There was a rush of people coming in for registration and all of a sudden thunderstorm struck and killed a few of the participants. Under such extremely stressful situation, I saved the people like a Superman, treated them with first-aid and performed in place of participants who had passed away and won the first prize for group dancing.

8. Any questions you have?

(Just let me GO!)
Tell me more about the work of the company and the office culture.

Tell a painful interview question asked to you!