Professors to Live in Hostels with Students in IIT

Professors to Live in Hostels with Students in IIT

In a step to address the never ending controversial issue of mounting stress, falling academics, misuse of internet and suicides in IIT, the administration has taken the step which was inevitable; Professors will live in the Hostels with students.

While professors denied commenting on the move, their bitching-behind-the-back PhD students said that they were strictly against it. A few even threatened to resign. However it is not clear but the step seems to be taken to test the effect of increasing student population in the hostels. An issue to which many professors earlier said that it’s actually a good thing to crowd the hostels and why the hostel conditions should not be improved!

A cricket following professor proposed to follow something similar to Dhoni’s rotation policy to which every other professor agreed immediately. With moist eyes, he said that it was for the first time his colleagues supported him, something which he has been failing on consistently for over a decade, be it phasing out obsolete teaching methods, floating better courses, bringing the transparency to the system or working the system out for the benefit of students.

Surprisingly the student community as a whole has welcomed the move. They are more than excited to stand in queues with the professors for the loo, to share rotten mess food and challenge them to play CS and AOE. But a few are concerned too!

“I used to study 10 hours non-stop everyday but with the professor living next door, I might have to increase it to ensure better grades.” said Prateek Mishra, a 9.578 pointer while other students booed him when he stressed bettering the grade point.

On the contrary the studs have started their preparation and have already drafted a plan for welcoming professors.

“In the orientation session we will take them to a hostel tour to tell everything from the toilets which never get cleaned and hence be avoided, to show the washing machines that work and the areas which should be avoided to save from self-embarrassment.”

One student (Anurag Tiwari) who chose to remain anonymous was excited about the prospects of female professors next door, to which many female professors shied when told. But he later clarified that with all due respect, he was not interested in the professors but some of the hot M.Tech and PhD students under them.

Then there was a secluded gang of Philosophy and astrophysics discussing students which was particularly excited about the move. In the haze of smoke in their rooms, it was not clear whether there was apprehension or happiness in their minds. But a few said that they were eager to discuss and experiment the joint effect with the professors.

The reaction in the girl’s hostels was pretty much nothing. They did seem to take interest in the issue. When pressed a few said that they wanted to play badminton with their favourite profs.

It is not known when the list of professors with allotted hostels will be released but insiders say that heavy guns are playing their political cards to break into the Girls Hostels. One Prof. even claimed that it would be the ‘best placement ever!’