11 Things You Can Do On Vacations [For Students]

1. Learn a programming language: Especially if you are a first year student or a second year student with no plans, pick up a programming language and learn it. Believe me if you don’t have a programming background, at some point of time in future not knowing one such language will definitely bug you.

C++: cplusplus.com
Matlab: matlabworks.in

2. Learn software: Pick up software of your interest like Pro-E, SolidWorks, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator etc. You can find many good tutorials available on Lynda.com

3. Try and test a start-up idea: Do you have an idea you want to work upon? Do you see a problem people often face and you can develop product/service to solve it? Starting early could be a good thing to learn quickly and know all the if’s and but’s of starting a business. Together with that you will also get in touch with people who could really be an asset in future if you start a business of your own.

4. Develop an interest or hobby: Always wanted to learn using an SLR camera or write a novel? May be learn a sport or dance or music? Now is the time to do it! Extracurricular activities bring out your creative talent and sides of personality you rarely think or know about.

5. Read: Reading good books on topics which interest you is always a good idea. Once you are in college either you lose the habit of reading or start reading. It’s no time better to broaden your intellectual horizon. (Don’t try self help books.)

6. Travel: Participate in summer camps, join clubs and go trekking. Explore the nature and may be roaming around in a free world will give you an idea that will change your career and life.

7. Work for an NGO: If you ever wanted to contribute to the society but couldn’t do it, join a local NGO. There is nothing more satisfying than teaching children or working for the cause of environment. Choose with what you want to contribute to the society and do it!

8. Learn to write Resume or Cover Letter: This is definitely going to help you in long run. Resume and cover letters are going to be important documents which will be attached with you for pretty much as long as your professional career.

Visit Two Column Resume Template, Single Column Resume Template available on iitstories.

9. Learn a Spoken Language: Engage your mind by learning Spanish, French or German. Which country you always wanted to travel to? Learn their language. Chances are when you make a euro trip or decide to pursue higher studies in European countries, knowing their language will be life saver for you.
Visit Rosetta Stone

10. Meet your parents, relatives and friends: Enjoy your time with your relatives and your friends. You will get to learn a lot from their experiences, ventures and ideas.

11. Work with iitstories: Write for us or explore internship opportunities at iitstories. We are young, we are self-learner and we are growing. Associate with us and learn what we learned the hard way. For more information write to us at iitstories@gmail.com